Twitter’s #Music

On Thursday last week, twitter launched its own music service, which aims to change the way people discover music, named #music. The way the app works is by recommending music tracks to users, based… Continue reading

Superbowl Sunday – The Winner and the Loser

The Superbowl is an anomaly. It’s one of the few events which can kick the world up into a frenzy. Fans begin to appear out of all corners, supporting teams from places they’ve… Continue reading

Online Bullying

I talked about bullying and social media in an earlier post, but given the recent developments on Hollyoaks, I wanted to tackle DocYou again in a wider post about social media generally. The story… Continue reading

24/7 Social Media

Social media is a godsend to marketers, there’s no denying that. For the first time, they’ve been able to communicate their messages directly to consumers without any interference. Moreover, social media doesn’t stop.… Continue reading

Aesthetics and Control

As you can tell, my blog hasn’t been update for some time, which has been a big source of frustration for me. Getting good, regular content hasn’t been a problem – I have… Continue reading

Little Clay Men Get Big Reaction!

In the early hours of Wednesday 16th May, 8,000 hand-made clay figures appeared around Manchester’s busiest streets, designed to reflect the rushed, early morning commutes made by those who were most likely to… Continue reading

Getting Serious About Tech!

Aged 16, I didn’t have a computer, internet or a mobile phone! Now, having just turned 25, its almost comical to see how much that has changed. When my family first plugged into… Continue reading