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Twitter Expands “Buy Now” Service

Twitter is set to expand its e-commerce experiment following a successful trial with Amazon. Twitter is working with 28 partners, from a range of industries, including retailers Burberry and Home Depot, artists such as… Continue reading

Facebook takes aim at Snapchat with Slingshot; Trade a shot?

Facebook’s messaging app Slingshot was finally released yesterday. The app is similar to competitor Snapchat’s, but with one quirk: You can’t see a message from a friend until you reply back to them. After Facebook’s rejected… Continue reading

Amazon Allows Twitter Users to Shop With a Tweet

              Add it now. Buy it later. Shop from within Twitter. The bar has been raised following an announcement of a partnership between Amazon and Twitter yesterday,… Continue reading

FB Newswire – A Bridge too far for Facebook?

Last week Facebook sought to bridge another gap between Twitter’s offering and its own with the announcement of FB Newswire.   There’s going to be no prizes for innovation here, it’s a straightforward… Continue reading

Facebook’s $60m bid for Titan Aerospace

Today’s big news is all about acquisitions. We’re already in the midst of the biggest M&A boom since 2007, with deal-making activity totaling $511.4bn at the end of February, according to Thomson Reuters… Continue reading

Twitter’s #Music

On Thursday last week, twitter launched its own music service, which aims to change the way people discover music, named #music. The way the app works is by recommending music tracks to users, based… Continue reading

Superbowl Sunday – The Winner and the Loser

The Superbowl is an anomaly. It’s one of the few events which can kick the world up into a frenzy. Fans begin to appear out of all corners, supporting teams from places they’ve… Continue reading

Online Bullying

I talked about bullying and social media in an earlier post, but given the recent developments on Hollyoaks, I wanted to tackle DocYou again in a wider post about social media generally. The story… Continue reading

24/7 Social Media

Social media is a godsend to marketers, there’s no denying that. For the first time, they’ve been able to communicate their messages directly to consumers without any interference. Moreover, social media doesn’t stop.… Continue reading

Aesthetics and Control

As you can tell, my blog hasn’t been update for some time, which has been a big source of frustration for me. Getting good, regular content hasn’t been a problem – I have… Continue reading