Amazon Allows Twitter Users to Shop With a Tweet

AmazonCart via Twitter








Add it now. Buy it later. Shop from within Twitter.

The bar has been raised following an announcement of a partnership between Amazon and Twitter yesterday, heralding a brand new revenue stream for Amazon.

Twitter users in the US and UK just need to link their Amazon and Twitter accounts and can add any product contained in tweets with an Amazon URL directly into their baskets when they reply to the tweet using the hashtags #AmazonCart (US) or #AmazonBasket (UK).

It’s a simple process, which Amazon have gone to lengths to ensure users are familiar with. They’ve produced a YouTube video, a Vine and now incorporate the message into their tweets. Other companies too have promoted the process.

Twitter AmazonCart service

This is an exciting prospect for all parties. Consumers see an obvious benefit with a quicker purchase experience, it gives Twitter another dimension away from advertising to entice companies to invest their time and money on the platform, and it brings a new way to monetize their service.

Fear not, impulse buyers. The sale needs to be completed back over on the Amazon website, where it will be waiting in your Cart.

Just make sure your don’t #AmazonCart your partner’s engagement ring!