Getting Serious About Tech!

Aged 16, I didn’t have a computer, internet or a mobile phone! Now, having just turned 25, its almost comical to see how much that has changed. When my family first plugged into the world wide web, it was via dial up with AOL, we just used to use the free one month cd’s they gave out, never signing up. I remember that my family didn’t really understand what could be accomplished with the internet or through a computer, and to be honest, neither did I – it was just a source of entertainment, which probably didn’t help their misconception. My first PC was a pretty basic Dell desktop, complete with a rollerball mouse 😛

Now, in 2012, that’s all flipped on it’s head. I now have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone, which is probably just as, if not more powerful, than that Dell PC. On this phone, I can not only access the internet, but specialised widgets and applications which run optimised versions of their web companions, linking me to millions of people in just a few seconds.

In addition to that, I have finally made the switch from PC to Apple, with a MacBook Pro. I was always very reluctant to change over, believing Mac’s just to be a fad, rather like how I still think of iPhones. However, I am growing to really become accustomed to the Mac OS X, which after only a day, I realised is perfectly designed for ease of use. The gesture system on the track pad just makes me question why PC’s have not been able to offer anything like this so far. I will have a more in depth article on the differences between a Mac and a PC at a later date, with some commentary on particular issues to consider if switching over.

The biggest change between technology in my house now though is the internet. Having progressed from the free, dial up AOL CD’s, to broadband, we now have the next step in broadband, fibre optic. We signed up for BT Infinity Option 3, and I am so impressed with the service so far. This is how the internet should run. No time spent wasted for simple YouTube videos to load, no time spent wasted for pages to load and most importantly, no time spent wasted whilst the router decides to have a tantrum. Things run the way I want them to. I’m sure that down the line there may be some problems, but at the moment, I would recommend people considering making the switch to fibre optic, to just do it.

The change in technology has also led to changes in the way we watch television. I rarely ever watch live television anymore. The only time I do is for the news or for sports, both of which are easily watchable on the internet, whenever I want to. The only other reason we had a Sky subscription was for the Indian channels, which through better internet connection, my mother has been able to find on the internet. Like many people across the country, we are finding that Sky just does not provide value for money for the service that they are offering. Their last big innovation, the Sky + box, was enough for us to stay with them, but since then, they have only really added HD compatibility, which in my eyes, puts them behind Virgin TV, who offer a great “Catch Up” service. For us though, Freeview is the way forward. This is the first time in nearly 15 years that we will be without Sky Television, but with everything available on the internet, who needs it?